Power Treads Deluxe

Power Treads Deluxe

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Product description

The Power Treads Deluxe Set is the perfect toy for kids who love adventure, building, and customization. This set promises endless fun and creativity, allowing children to design and customize their own all-surface vehicles and build epic trails anywhere they want.

All-Surface Vehicles: The Power Treads vehicles are designed to work on any surface, from carpet to tile to hardwood. These vehicles can flip, rip, and roam all over your home, providing endless entertainment for kids who love action-packed playtime.

Design & Customize: The Power Treads Deluxe Set comes with four different color options - blue, black, green, and white - allowing kids to build and customize their vehicles to their liking. Building the Power Treads is easy, with pieces that snap together in a snap.

Build Epic Trails: The modular track set included in the Power Treads Deluxe Set allows kids to build epic trails anywhere they want, creating thousands of different courses for their vehicles. With the Power Treads, the power is in their hands, and the possibilities are endless.