Love In The Holy Qur&

Love In The Holy Qur'an

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Love in the Holy Qur an is the first work to discuss all aspects of love from the per spective of the Holy Qur an. The author treats, in a simple and accessible style with reader-friendly and teaching-friendly features, not only of love of God and love of the neighbour, but also of family love; friendship; the stages of falling in love; sexual love; extra-marital love; beauty; taste and much more, all based entirely on the Holy Qur an. At least one verse from every chapter and over one fifth of the total text of the Holy Qur an is cited. Love in the Holy Qur an is written and structured both to be read in its totality or as individual stand-alone chapters to be sampled at will. This work is thus essential reading not only for Muslims and those interested in Islam and the Holy Qur an, but for all those interested in the secrets and mysteries of love. This new edition contains a number of expanded discussions on love and mercy and suggests other types of love not mentioned in previous editions.

About the Author

HRH Prince Ghazi of Jordan is a Professor of Islamic Philosophy and is well known as an interfaith activist and author. He obtained his BA from Princeton University in 1988 Summa cum laude; his first PhD from Cambridge University in 1993, and his second PhD from Al-Azhar University in Cairo. In 1997, he founded the National Park of the Site of the Baptism of Jesus Christ; in 2001 he established the Great Tafsir Project (, the largest online project for exegesis of the Holy Qur an, and in 2008 he founded the World Islamic Sciences and Education University. He is the author of "Three Articles of the Amman Message in 2005; the author of the historic open letter A Common Word Between Us and You in 2007, and the author of the World Interfaith Harmony Week United Nations General Assembly Resolution in October 2010. Love in the Holy Qur an is a translation of (the expanded 10th edition of) his Al-Azhar Uni versity PhD. In the first year after its publication in Arabic it was downloaded over 485,000 times on the internet.