Freezable Neck Band

Freezable Neck Band

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Our Freezable Neck Band is a must-have accessory for hot summer days or whenever you need a quick cooling sensation.

✅ Material: Environmentally Friendly PP, Ice Crystal Mixture

✅ Features:

Easy Freeze Technology: Requiring no battery or chargers, this Freezable Neck Band can be frozen in ice water in only 10 minutes, or in any freezer or air conditioner in 20 minutes.

High-Quality Materials: The high-quality materials used in this can slow down the temperature loss and have a longer preservation time.

Reusable: This neck cooling band is waterproof and reusable. Just pop it in the freezer or ice water and get an instant cool-down effect anywhere.

✅ Specifications:
Available Sizes: S (85 x 5 mm), M (95 x 5 mm), L (115 x 5 mm)
Temperature Range: Anywhere below 22°C (71.6°F)
Colors: White, Peach, Pink, Mint Green, Purple, Teal, Lilac, Green, Blue
Uses: Neck Massager, Cooling Tube, Neck Relaxation Band
Package Contents: 1 x Neck Cooling Band