The New Testament: A Beginner&

The New Testament: A Beginner's Guide [Paperback-2014]W.R. Telford

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The New Testament writings are the foundational documents of early Christianity. But to fully understand them we need a broad historical awareness of the wider social, economic, political and religious context that produced them.

Exploring the transition from an oral to a written tradition, this fascinating primer depicts the growth of the early church amid the Roman and Hellenistic Empires. Focusing on the composition and content of the Synoptic Gospels – those of Matthew, Mark and Luke – W. R. Telford furnishes the reader with an appreciation of the methods contemporary scholars apply to the Gospels and also offers an assured, in-depth guide to the texts themselves.

Broaching difficult questions about the differing accounts of Jesus’ life that the New Testament has left us, this is an invaluable starting point for anyone looking to understand the roots of Christianity.