Moza Mini-Mi Stabilizer with wireless charging for a smartphone

Moza Mini-Mi Stabilizer with wireless charging for a smartphone

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Moza Mini-Mi is a three-axis electronic stabilizer for a phone. The cameras of mobile phones are getting better and better every year. In skillful hands, you can make an artistic and cinematic video with them, without the use of sophisticated equipment. At the same time, the video will look expensive and professional if the picture is smooth and without jerks. Therefore, it is good that with the development of smartphones, accessories to them are being improved too.
Unlike mechanical stabilizers such as Steadicam, the electronic stabilizers that have been used in the past few years with smartphones and drones have not been as old as the iPhone.They are not only price-friendly but also extend the usefulness of the cameras and mobile phones. That are suitable for general travel or simple creation.

We are going to share with you our experience with the stabilizer Moza Mini-Mi. It is worth your attention that the stabilizer is stuffed with eight shooting modes – shoot as much as you want, until you get tired. A specific feature of this model, the Moza Mini-MI, is the ability to wireless charge the phone.

The inside of it is the another PTZ protection box, which is a familiar handheld pan-tilt setting. The surface of the protection box is a fabric similar to carbon fiber.

Inside the shock-resistant case, you can find a gimbal itself, a small tripod for tuning, a charging cord and a user manual. It would seem that not so many additional accessories are included, but on the other hand: “what else is needed?”.

The handle of the Moza Mini-MI is a flat streamline design. It is good to see the savvy, but the ergonomic shape is more comfortable and more stable. The whole machine is frosted. The most obvious feeling that the machine takes the hand is that the handle is light and the gimbal has a good weight. There is a 1/4-inch connector on the phone holder. One is at the bottom, another one on the side of the handle and two more are located on the mount for the smartphone. They can be attached, for example, a tripod, a light, a microphone or any other accessories.